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Project Management Survival Kit

20 hacks project managers can learn from cave divers


hardcover, 64 pages, 28 photos, ISBN 978-3-00-067858-5

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Publication on Februar 20, 2021.


A PROJECT is like an exciting DIVE

It has a defined goal, a start and an end, and there are always risks. This is especially true for diving in caves. Cave divers are very mindful in dealing with risks and attach great importance to finishing their diving project safely.

There are always projects above the surface of the water that miss their target in terms of time, cost or scope. How is it that diving projects work more safely? Project managers can learn from the techniques and practices of cave diving and thus be more successful.

In this book, twenty useful ideas from cave diving are described and transferred to project management. Corresponding photographs from seven photographers from all over the world give an authentic insight into the dark world of water and stone.

A helpful book for project managers, product owners, scrum masters, PMOs and everyone who works with projects and is occasionally under water.

The book is also available in German / Das Buch ist auch in deutscher Sprache erhältlich.

About the Author

Michael Ryba has been a professional project manager in projects and project management offices for more than twenty years. He has also pursued his dark hobby in the seas, lakes and caves of this world for just as long. In this book he shares his own experiences from numerous projects above and below water.


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